Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mr John Birch

On 17 December 1946, after a long and painful illness, John G. Birch passed into the presence of his Lord. He was one of God’s choicest saints, known and loved in South Africa. He was one of the founders of Sunday School Organizations in South Africa and Secretary of the S.A. Sunday School Association.
He lived and planned and worked, indeed it would not be overstating the truth to say that he gave his life for the children of South Africa – children of all races, colours and creeds.
He had great faith. There were no lavish sums of money for him to draw on, no endowment schemes, only the willingness of the few and the resources of God. But he kept on believing that every need would be met and he was not daunted at the magnitude of any scheme.
He was loyal to those with whom he worked, even when loyalty with others was strained to breaking point. He stood firmly behind his fellow workers. He was intensely loyal to the Word of God and to him, “Thus saith the Lord” was final and absolute. On that Word he rested, for that Word he worked and through that Word he found grace to live.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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