Monday, December 19, 2011

Rev Ernest Baker (Part 1)

The Rev Ernest Baker, Baptist Union Historical Society, Baptist Union of Southern Africa
The Rev Ernest Baker.
The Rev Ernest Baker was born at Hailsham, Sussex in 1869 and died at Cape Town on 21 January 1939. He was one of the last students sent to South Africa by the great Charles Spurgeon in August of 1891 and he manifested to a marked degree the influence of that great preacher in the fervency and power of his preaching as well as in the whole character of his 47 year ministry.
His wide reading among the books of his father’s shop, coupled with his early work as a newspaper reporter, developed an extensive knowledge, and great fluency of expression in forceful Anglo-Saxon. His readiness in extempore speech became a great instrument for the enforcement of the strong convictions he held, and the proclamation of the gospel, for which he never lost his enthusiasm.
After two years’ ministry at Wynberg his reputation as a preacher was so well established that he was called to the city church in Cape Town. There he laboured with conspicuous success for 21 years, and the church became the home of a rich spiritual life. The crowds he drew to the Alhambra Theatre gave him a great influence in evangelical work in the Peninsula. He led the church to undertake a mission work in some of the needy districts of the city. A mission station was started and staffed for some years amongst the Bantus in Glen Grey, till it was handed over to the Missionary Society.
Compiled by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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