Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rev Paul Kasonga (Paul the Leper)

Paul Kasonga seen reading his Bible a few days before he died
On 3rd August 1954, the trumpets surely sounded in Heaven at the entry of Paul the Leper, Apostle to the Lambas.
In January 1916 he came as a schoolboy Kapatula to the Mission Station at Kafulafuta. He was soon gripped by the truth of the Gospel and gave his heart to the Lord in July of the same year. He was baptised in March 1920 and took the name of Paul. Since then, and even though he was stricken with leprosy, he never lost his faith in his Saviour, growing in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He had a burning desire for the salvation of his people, and to this end he consecrated all his strength, and was rewarded by seeing a virile Church established in Lambaland before he was called Home.
Paul was God’s gift to Lambaland at the most critical period of laying solid foundations.
Although practically always in pain and at times in agony, as the dread disease advanced and took toll of his hands and feet, he never complained, but continually praised God for His goodness.
The love and esteem in which he was held by all the people was manifest when, at very short notice, over 400 gathered at the funeral to pay their respects, and witness the triumph of their beloved leader.
Conrad Mbewe recently visited the the grave of Paul Kasonga on the church grounds at Kafulafuta, Zambia
He was a man of prayer and profound insight, and his faith in the Lord never wavered. His help in translation work was invaluable, as was also his wise leadership with Elders, Deacons and workers.
On 3rd June 1953, Paul was ordained in the Church at Kafulafuta by the Rev. Guyton Thomas, in recognition of his long and faithful years of service to the Society.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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