Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rev William Duma

Mary Garnett wrote the life story of William Duma - a man who lived in agreement with the Holy Spirit.
William Duma was born on 16 January 1907. He commenced his ministry under the auspices of the American Mission Board in 1933. In 1939 he was called to the pastorate of the Umgeni Road Baptist Church, Durban, and begun an association with that congregation that continued until his Home Call on 8 October 1977. In addition, from 1960 onwards, he pastured the Lamontville Baptist Church.
But the field in which he laboured for Christ was infinitely more extensive than the area covered by these two congregations in Durban; for his parish, like that of another great Christian leader of some two centuries ago, was the world.
William Duma was a man of God for all seasons, one whose outstanding devotion to his Lord and his service for his fellowmen did not vary with the wind and the weather. He was the same yesterday and today, because his walk was close with the One Who is the same forever.
William Duma was a man of God for all places. By land, sea or air, he travelled within our country and beyond its borders to answer many Macrdonian calls for spiritual help and healing.
William Duma was a man of God for all races. When William Duma was praying, all the lines of division disappeared and we were bound together in a fellowship of love.
William Duma was a man of God for all cases. If everyone within the large circle of his many friends were to write down cases known to us where our Lord’s healing touch has been graciously given through the ministry of our brother, it would make thrilling reading.
There are not many of God’s servants of whom every remembrance is a cause for thanksgiving, every remembrance a sweet savour of Christ the Lord Whom he loved and served at all seasons, all places, ministering to all cases and among all races. Thanks be to God for every remembrance of him.
The secret of Pastor Duma’s ministry was his utter dependence on prayer. Where others depended on the crutch of their training, their eloquence or their influence, Duma depended on divine help alone, spending long periods alone with God.
Honours were heaped upon him by his own church; by the Convention which elected him as Moderator; by many beyond his own denomination and beyond the borders of his country, but he turned all the honours over to God.
A book written on his life bears the title of his own choosing and epitomises a remarkable life, “TAKE YOUR GLORY LORD”.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed



  2. A truly wonderful man of God. I knew him when he came to Scotland and was wonderfully healed under his ministry.

    1. Really...! Wow...! I have heard stories of Rev William Duma, and how God used him. Do you perhaps have old pictures of him, sermon audio or even video tapes? Is it possible perhaps that the church where he visited in Scotland may have the recordings etc...? I would really appreciate it if you could share some. My email address is , Thank you. Zweli

    2. I wish he were still around to pray for my 11 month old baby Zophila who has a down syndrome, unable to sit, talk, hear nor walk - doctors say she has a low muscel tone

  3. This world really needs more man of God of this calibre today. Today, focus has shifted from God (Take thy glory Lord), to my ego, my church, my congregation,achievements,my money, my my my. So sad indeed .. This world, including the modern-day church needs the Lord..