Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mr David William Rossiter

Mr David William Rossiter was instrumental in starting the building fund for the Rosebank Union church.
Mr David William Rossiter was born on the border of Wales at Newport, Monmouthshire, and was brought up in the faith, being convicted of the truth, and of Baptist principles, from a young age. He entered railway service in Britain, comming out to South Africa to work at Park Station, Johannesburg, later working for Consolidated Gold Mines. His alert mind, energy and judgment won appreciation and recognition, catapulting him of a forty year career to a position of responsibility and influence.
When he moved to the outskirts of Johannesburg he started Sunday services in his drawing room, instead of dropping the church-going habit, as is so commonly done. Over time the small assembly secured a plot of ground, an old iron building that had been a native mission hall, in which the young community church met for several years. His optimism and generosity helped to start a building fund for more suitable premises, culminating in the beautiful buildings of Rosebank Union. For nearly thirty-three years he served as the children's ministry superintendent.
A leader in all church work David was an enthusiastic member of the choir, a member of the board of management and his vital personality, buoyancy and deep interest will makes his home-call a sad loss to Rosebank Union. David had also served as a member and trustee of the Central Baptist Church, treasurer of the Transvaal Baptist Church Council, trustee of the pension fund and a personal member of the Baptist Union.
He was keenly interested in the services of the sanctuary and was very ready to encourage other workers. His zest for life was carried over into his religion, and helped greatly in Christian fellowship. We thank God for all the faithful service rendered in so many ways to the Kingdom of God by our beloved brother.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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