Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rev Bernard Robbins

The Rev Bernard Robbins took office as pastor of the Queenstown Baptist Church in 1935. During the war years he served the Cambridge Baptist Church and thereafter was called in turn to the Bulwer Road (Durban, now known as the Glenwood Community Church), Kimberley and Cradock churches. Failing health led him, in 1961, to retire from the active ministry and he then made his home in Natal where advancing years brought with them increasing disability.
He was a truly humble man who walked closely in the steps of the Master whom he delighted to serve and whose message he loved to proclaim. He was a great student of the Word and was able to bring from his studies the help and encouragement which people needed.
Wherever he served he was deeply loved and he will be remembered with affection and gratitude by all who knew him. During his ministry in Cambridge the membership of the church doubled, rising from one hundred to two hundred. Many men of the Royal Air Force were stationed in East London during the war years and not a few came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Personal Saviour through the ministry of the Rev Robbins. His wife shared in a ministry of gracious hospitality and the door of the manse was always wide open to those who were many miles from home.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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