Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rev John Williams Jordan

The Rev John Williams Jordan passed peacefully into the presence of his Master at the ripe age of ninety years.
He came to this country from Hayes, Middlesex, as a young man in 1893, and it was not long before the needs of the goldfields pressed in on him and he heard the Master’s summons to preach the Gospel. Though quiet and unobtrusive in his manner he loved to tell how early transport difficulties were overcome by the co-operation of mine managers and train drivers. Through his efforts the Krugersdorp Church as started in 1895, and he continued there until 1906.
From Krugersdorp he moved to Cradock, and remained in this charge for three years, until he responded to the call of the Balfour Church. It was the church at Cradock however that accorded him one of those rare votes of confidence in recalling him to be their pastor in 1928. Here he continued his warm, friendly ministry until his retirement in 1940.
John never sought publicity, and never demanded prominence. He was a man whose love for the Master kept him constant in faithful pursuance of a steadfast and Christ-centered ministry.
Although John did not have the opportunity for advanced education he made up for this in an unusual devotion to reading and it was this interest, which moved him to vigorous activity in the realm of education. For many years he served on the school board of the Stockenström District where his services were highly valued.
The welfare of the less privileged was his special concern, and it was amongst the non-whites that he was greatly loved. In the interests of these people he gave much time and devoted service, traveling many miles in the old Cape cart to visit the schools and offer help and guidance to those who needed it. All these services where were given without monetary reward, inspired by a single interest - the good of those to whom he had been sent.
After twenty years in retirement, his home call came on the twenty-sixth of February 1961.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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