Monday, January 16, 2012

Rev Phillip Gutsche

The Rev Phillip Gutsche was born in King Williams Town, in 1872, the second son of the Rev Hugo Gutsche, the beloved leader of the German settlers.
His medical training was received in Germany and while there he was baptized at the age of sixteen. Returning to King Williams Town on the completion of his studies he established a practice, becoming a household name in the Eastern Province.
Phillip was a classical scholar, a capable musician, a gifted preacher and an outstanding surgeon. He worked up to twenty hours a day and yet was never too busy or too weary for the service of God's House. By his fidelity to the Christian Faith and devotion to the work of the church he set a shining example of dedication and deligence.
His chief service was given to the German churches especially Emmanuel Church. He was choir director for a quarter of a century and elder for twenty years. In later years, when impaired health made retirement from strenuous work imperative he was closely associated with life and service of the church at Porter Street, East London.
But his interests were not merely parochial. The work of the Missionary Society held a special place in his heart. For some time in the early days he was its chairman committee. To the last he gave munificently to the society’s funds.
He also took a full share in the work of the Baptist Union which electing him to the presidency in 1923.
The Rev Phillip Gutsche was a man of outstanding character, ability and service an honour to his Lord and Master, Christ, our King.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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