Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mr Harry Hellyer

Harry Hellyer was a rare gift of God to the Baptist Union and South African Baptist Missionary Society. His services started in 1943 when, while still in secular work, he was appointed treasurer of the Baptist Union in which role he served without break until 1965.
His dedicated services proved to be of inestimable worth to the denomination and in 1948 he was appointed as treasurer of the South African Baptist Missionary Society as well.
During the long period of service he saw the work grow from a part-time appointment to one that demanded almost all of his time and attention. His constant vigil over the income and expenditure enabled him to put into place the financial policy of the Baptist Union which remains as a legacy to this day.
It was not only what he did but also how he did it that endears him to our hearts. He was completely consecrated to the task and herein he dedicated his life to the service of the Master whom he loved so clearly.
As a member of the executive his wide knowledge, sound judgment and realistic outlook were of great value. Because he was so down to earth, so realistic and practical, and also because of an unmovable faith in Christ our Lord his name soon found its way to numerous executive committees, the college council, the Christian Education and Publication Committee, the committee of evangelism and home missions and so on. On all these committees he served with distinction making valuable contributions to our denominational life and witness.
In 1952 he was appointed to the presidency and in that year he held three of the highest offices in the denomination simultaneously.
All who knew him saw him as a dedicated Christian, loyal colleague, wise counselor; a man with an alert mind and clear insight, strong character, unwavering integrity, humility and a keen sense of humor.

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