Thursday, January 5, 2012

Miss E.L. Webber

Miss E.L. Webber was among the six of seven people who met in the Cecil Rhodes Hall at the foot of the Salisbury Kopje to attend a Baptist service in 1928. Coming from Grahamstown, where she was a member of the Baptist Church, Miss Webber was enthusiastic about the establishment of a witness in Salisbury, and she faithfully supported the work and those who ministered there.
Miss Webber remembered the laymen who first conducted the services and the important part they played even after the arrival of the first minister, the Rev W. Martin, because his time was divided between Bulawayo and Salisbury. She recalled with enthusiasm the arrival of the Rev Albert Ernest Brett and how he set about the building of the Church in Jameson Avenue. His blistered hands bore testimony to the hard work which he himself performed on the building, and vividly remembered the first baptismal service soon after the opening at which six men were baptised by the Rev Brett.
When the Sunday school was opened in February 1929 Miss Webber was appointed a teacher and, although no longer active in this sphere she retained her deep interest in the work amongst the boys and girls.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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