Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mr Dennis Emslie

Dennis Emslie, who combined careful business acumen with wide vision and warm sympathy, has been God’s special gift to the Missions Department and Extension Fund during recent years. He served with distinction on both committees and was secretary of the latter. He was also a member of the management committee of the South African Baptist Property Investment Corporation and a trustee of the Baptist Union.

At local church level, Dennis was associated with the Rosebank Union Church. Here he served his Master in many ways: as a Deacon and Church Secretary and as a member of the choir. The Rosebank Church was too small to accommodate the very large number of friends who attended his funeral service, and many more would have been present had they not already been away on holiday. Business associates, fellow-members of the Rosebank Church, and representatives from various sectors of Denominational life, both white and black, joined to pay tribute to one who had been a respected colleague and a beloved fellow-worker.

The service was led by the Rev Syd Hudson-Reed. Speaking from 2 Peter 1, the Rev Hudson-Reed referred firstly to Dennis’ personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; to the development of his strong character on the battlefields of life; to his knowledge of the deep things of God and deep things of man; to his self-mastery and self-control; his patience and his steadfastness; and to his Godliness and his brotherly kindness. These traits were manifested, continued the Rev Hudson-Reed, both in his business activities and in his church-life, in the diligence of his service and in the compassion and understanding which he showed towards others in both spheres.

In closing, the Rev Hudson-Reed referred to Dennis' peaceful and victorious passing after six long months of intense physical strain and suffering. ‘He who loved to sing the Gospel invitation’ he said, ‘was welcomed on the other side with an abundant entrance into the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.’

All who knew Dennis Emslie, whether in business, or church, or denominational life, will remember him with affection, thanking God for his dedicated skill, his fruitful service and for the gracious selflessness of his interest in the prosperity of the causes which he espoused, and in the welfare of those to whom he gave his friendship.

Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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