Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rev George Thompson Diver

Born in Ireland, George Thompson Diver went at an early age to Scotland, where, at the age of 15, he was baptized and joined the Baptist Church. He became well known in Glasgow as an open-air preacher and Protestant lecturer, and there founded the Protestant Association and the Bible Christian Union.
In 1920 he came to South Africa and settled on the East Rand where, after serving the Presbyterian denomination for a short time, he became pastor of the Baptist church at Benoni. In 1924 he was called to the Germiston Church which he faithfully served until he resigned in 1939.
To the very last George Diver was a champion of Protestant principles and one who was known and revered for his ardent love for God’s Word. Those who were privileged to know him and work with him were always deeply impressed by his strong convictions and his unswerving allegiance to the truth.
He passed to his eternal reward on Tuesday, 11 April 1940 at the age of 76.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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