Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rev Arthur James Cross

The Baptist church at Denmark Place where Arthur Cross grew up.
Arthur James Cross was born in London in 1898 and grew up in the fellowship of the historic church at Denmark Place. He had valuable business experience in the office of “Lloyd’s” and this, with service in the Royal Navy during the first world war, gave him a knowledge and understanding of men that helped to make him a successful leader in later life.
Towards the end of 1920 he heard the call to Lambaland through the late Rev W.A. Phillips, then on furlough in England, and in 1921 he was accepted for service with the SABMS. In 1923 he married Frieda Stern who shared whole-heartedly his missionary enthusiasm and his devotion to the Lamba people born of devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. He was ordained in 1927 after completing the Baptist Union course of ministerial studies with special distinction despite the claims and cares of an exacting charge.
In 1936 Mr Cross accepted the leadership of an interdenominational team to undertake work in the Northern Rhodesian Copper Belt, an exacting position which he fulfilled with conspicuous success. Although undertaking this special service Mr Cross maintained his association with the SABMS until the end which came unexpectedly in London while he was overseas on mission business. The home-call came on November 17, 1945.
Possessing a fine spirit and endowed with gifts of foresight, patience and tact, Arthur Cross was an outstanding missionary, trusted and often consulted by Government and other officials, held in affectionate honour by his colleagues, and beloved by the people to whom he gave himself so unreservedly.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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