Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mr Edward Richardson

Mr Edward Richardson was one of a noble succession of South African Baptist Missionary Society (S.A.B.M.S.) treasurers. An astute businessman who served the internationally known firm of John Laing he evidenced in his life and service a rare combination. Meticulous conscientious care in handling the finances of the society as well as those of his own church was combined with a deep and adventurous spirituality which gave him a great love for the Sunday School work at Alexandra and on the Transvaal Field Committee as well as a formative role in his local congregation. The fine complex of the Central Baptist Church, Johannesburg, owes a great deal to Edward who was a trusted and much loved elder of that church.
Edward’s period of service as S.A.B.M.S. Treasurer (1961-1965) was cut short by an illness which caused his untimely death. In that short period, however, he left a lasting impression on the society. His far sightedness and wisdom in making provision for the future are still being felt in our missionary work.
Those who worked with him recall his exact and tenacious memory, his sense of fair-play and his straightforward practical approach to problems. A sense of humour, his consistent goodwill together with the optimism of faith prevented many crisis situations form becoming tense and out of hand. He was never afraid of hard work and took his responsibilities not only as a steward of the Lord’s money but of the manifold grace of God and of friendship and fellowship very seriously. There will be many within his family circle and without “to rise up and call him blessed.”
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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