Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mrs Laura Riemer

Nancy Perry, Baptist Union of Southern Africa, Baptist Union Historical Society
Laura's sister, Nancy, was also a founder member of the S.A.B.W.A.
Mrs Laura Riemer established herself deeply in the hearts of South African Baptist people, and many others beyond our shores. With her late husband, Mr. “Tafey” Riemer she had formed golden circles of friendship which for sheer quality would be hard to match. These included as many younger people as older ones, who loved and admired her spirit of radiant interest, joyous involvement and tireless cheerfulness.
Along with her sister, the late Mrs Nancy Perry, Laura was one of the founder members of the South Africa Baptist Woman's Association (S.A.B.W.A.) in 1911, and at the time of her death was its beloved honorary Life-President. Its affairs were an important part of her life’s many varied interests.
She was the friend of ministers and their wives, a generous giver to our Baptist Union and Missionary Society, a supporter of numerous good causes such as the Bible Society of South Africa, a loyal and devoted local church member. Joy and vital interest were her most intense characteristics. A wonderfully facile letter writer, through the years Laura kept in touch with friends and with the Lord’s work in scores of places by means of her letters. She was of all people the most fertile inventor of reasons for writing a gracious and helpful letter.
During her long life Mrs Riemer lived at various times in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Addo and Durban. Herself a child of the Manse, she was a teacher at the time of her marriage in 1905. Her subsequent career of loving Christian service at every possible level of our denominational life, has left its mark upon us all. The joy of the Lord was her strength.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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