Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mr Harold Creasey

Brought up in a Christian home, Harold Creasey went into the family Wheelright business at the age of 15 and, on his father’s retirement, took over.
In 1947 he sold his business and joined the South African Baptist Missionary Society to work at Fiwale Hill Mission Station in Northern Rhodesia where he was responsible for the building of the Cross Memorial Church.
In 1960 he retired from the S.A.B.M.S. and joined the staff of Bible House in Salisbury. During this period he often gave valuable help by deputizing as organist at Salisbury Baptist Church.
On his retirement from Bible House in 1971, he joined the Africa Evangelical Fellowship and went to Rusitu Mission to take charge of the Rusitu Book Store. Moving in May 1976 to Umtali, he continued working with the A.E.F. until a week before his death on 8 April 1977.
As a young man he resolved to dedicate his life to God, possibly in a leper colony and although his work proved to lie elsewhere, he served God faithfully right up to the end of his 71 years.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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