Monday, January 2, 2012

Rev C.H. Clapp

The Victoria Park Baptist Church which was established by the Rev. Clapp.
The Rev. Clapp accepted an invitation to Queen Street Church, Port Elizabeth in 1907. He had previously laboured at Horsham, Sussex, for 12 years.
From the commencement of his ministry at Port Elizabeth he drew crowded congregations and it was found necessary to hold evening services in the City Hall as the church was not large enough to contain the numbers which gathered. For 22 years he maintained that “Peoples” service. His solo singing was a great attraction and made a wonderful appeal to his audience.
In his early days in South Africa he carried on a men’s meeting on Sunday afternoons until with the departure of the men to the war, it ended.
He was untiring in his efforts in recruiting men for war service, and was entrusted by the authorities with the sad task of breaking news of casualties.
He received the M.B.E., and, on his behalf, the citizens collected money for a motor-car.
His pastimes were occupied with Municipal, School Board and Technical college work.
During his pastorate he took a large part in the successful founding of the Victoria Park Church at the South End of Port Elizabeth and also erected a hall at Sydenham of that city...
He occupied the Presidential chair in 1916.
He returned to his first church at Horsham in 1929 from which he retired about a year before his Home Call in 1940.
Written by: Syd Hudson-Reed

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  1. Scouting started in Port Elizabeth around June 1908 when it was registered in England and in August 1909 Rev C.H. Clapp formed the first Troop. It was called No 1 PE Troop and he became their Scoutmaster. It was the second Scoutmaster warrant to be issued in the then Cape Colony.