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Missionary correspondance from Lambaland (1916)

There are many treasurers lying in wait in the dusty archives of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa. This morning I happened across one that I thought I’d share.

There has always been a need for church planters and missionaries to correspond with prayers and supporters back home; those in more remote places all the more. In October of 1916 the mission station in Lambaland begun a newsletter to their support base in South Africa and England. As you read through it you can’t but notice the faithful service, passionate zeal and simple sacrifice of those who “Go, Tell It On The Mountain… …That Jesus Christ is born.”

A digitalization of the first page:

Published Quarterly October, 1916. No. 1.


A record of Missionary Work among the Lamba Speaking People of Northern Rhodesia and Belgian Congo State. – Central Station, Kafulafuta. Established 1905.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Photograph by Kapopo Village. Charles Phillips.

Council of Reference:

Rev. R. Wright Hay, Sir John Kirk, Mr. Wm. Olney, Rev. Thomas Spurgeon, Rev. H. Lenton Staines.

London Committee:

Mrs. Richard Grose, Mr. A. C. Harrison, Mr. G. M. Hewson, Dr. F. W. Passmore

Mr. F, J. Passmore, Miss M. Phillips, Mr. T. D. Simmons.

Honorary Treasurer: Honorary Secretary:

Mr. P. R. Phillips, Mr. C. Phillips,

39, Criffel Avenue, “Wolfdene,” 11, Grove Road,

Telford Park, Streatham Hill, Chapham Park,

London, S.W. London, S.w.



Rev. W. A. Philips, (Superintendent.)

Mr, & Mrs. H. L. Wildey, Mr. & Mrs. M. R. German, Mr. C. M.

Doke, B.A. Miss Olive Doke

Postal Address of Missionaries: Kafylafafuta, Ndola, Northern Rhodesia. (Postage – 1d, per oz.)

Bankers: STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA, LTD., 10, Clements Lane, London, E.C.

Honorary Auditor: Mr. H. G. T. DAVIES, C.A., Bassishaw House, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.

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